5 Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds (And How to Avoid Them)

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A split king adjustable bed offers individualized comfort for couples with different sleep preferences. But these dual-control beds also come with some unique potential problems.

In this article, we’ll cover 5 common issues with split king adjustable beds and provide tips to prevent or resolve them. Read on to learn how to optimize your adjustable split king bed.

What is a Split King Adjustable Bed?

A split king bed consists of two twin XL mattresses on separate adjustable bases that sit side-by-side in a king bed frame. Rather than sharing one mattress and base that moves as a unit, each person can control their side independently.

Benefits of split king adjustable beds include:

  • Personalized positioning – Raise and lower your head and feet to your ideal angle without disturbing your partner.
  • Improved health – Custom alignments can help with conditions like sleep apnea, acid reflux, and back pain.
  • Convenient features – Many models offer extras like USB ports, massage, and under-bed lighting.
  • Flexible setups – Use existing twin mattresses or buy new bedding. Choose adjustable bases from different brands.

While split kings provide exceptional comfort control, they also come with some unique potential problems to be aware of.

Problem #1: Mattresses May Slide Apart

One common annoyance with split adjustable beds is that the two twin mattresses can slide away from each other, leaving an awkward gap in the middle of the bed.

When the bases are articulated at different angles, the mattresses can shift out of alignment since they are not connected like a single king mattress would be. This separation can worsen over time with normal use.

Solutions for avoiding sliding mattresses:

  • Use mattress retention straps or brackets secured around both mattresses to prevent sliding.
  • Connect a piece of plywood or hardboard under the mattresses to unite them.
  • Place risers or blocks under the legs at the heads of the bases to angle beds slightly together.
  • Try mattresses with grippy bases or a non-slip bedding interface like a mattress pad.
  • Fill the gap between mattresses (see next section). Eliminating space between beds prevents sliding.

With the right gear like straps and risers plus compatible mattresses, you can keep your split king beds from drifting apart.

Problem #2: There May Be a Gap in the Middle

Even with properly aligned bases, a split in the middle of the mattresses is unavoidable unless you take steps to fill it. This gap can make the bed feel disjointed and allow sheets to slip down between the beds.

Here are some good options for bridging the space between your split king mattresses:

  • Foam bed bridge: Specialized foam wedges designed to fill the center gap keep mattresses snugly together.
  • Mattress topper: A king-sized memory foam, down, or latex topper covers both mattresses seamlessly.
  • Gap filler: Some companies sell modules that fill the space but still allow mattresses to move independently.
  • Pillows or cushions: Loosely filling the gap with decorative pillows or cushions prevents sagging in the middle.

With the gap blended seamlessly, your split king will feel more like a single extra-large mattress. Just take care when raising the head not to dump the filler.

Problem #3: It May Be Difficult to Cuddle

One romantic downside of a split adjustable bed is that maneuvering to the middle for cuddling can be tricky with the gap. The separate mattresses make it harder to cozy up together.

To make cuddling easier on an adjustable split king:

  • Lower both mattresses completely flat to maximize surface area for snuggling in the middle.
  • Fill the gap as discussed above to create a more unified mattress surface.
  • Use a king-sized memory foam mattress topper to create a softer, more flexible middle surface.
  • Buy an adjustable base model with a wireless app for independent head/foot control without gaps between the bases.

Getting creative with mattress toppers, linens, and gap fillers helps bring you and your partner closer together on split king adjustable beds.

Problem #4: It May Be More Expensive

One downside of split adjustable beds is that buying two separate mattress bases understandably costs more than a single king adjustable bed. Not only are you paying for two bases but often two new mattresses as well.

Ways to save money on your split king adjustable bed purchase include:

  • Only replace old mattresses if needed. If existing mattresses are in good shape, use them on new bases.
  • Choose basic adjustable base models without extra features like massage or lighting.
  • Shop sales events like Memorial Day, Presidents Day, or Black Friday for steep discounts.
  • Buy open-box beds or look for used split king deals on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.
  • Pay with a credit card that offers price matching, cash back rewards or 0% financing deals to offset costs.

While more expensive than other bed sizes, savvy shopping can help cut costs on split kings considerably.

Problem #5: It May Be Noisier

Some users report that split king adjustable beds are louder than expected when raising and lowering the two bases. Having two motors and mechanisms can amplify the noise.

To minimize noise from your adjustable split king:

  • Choose high-end models advertised as ultra-quiet or whisper-quiet. Quality engineering reduces vibrations and noise.
  • Ensure bases are level and stable on the floor. Use risers to adjust any rocking.
  • Put beds on anti-vibration pads or foam mats to reduce transfer of noise through the floor.
  • Lubricate moving parts with machine oil if squeaks or grinding sounds develop.
  • Run bases up/down slowly. Rapid articulation increases noise.

Adjusting settings like speed and installing sound-dampening materials makes for quieter use of your split adjustable bed system.

Enjoy Comfort and Closeness on Your Split King Bed

Split king adjustable beds provide the ultimate combination of closeness for couples along with personalized comfort and features. By taking steps to avoid common challenges like mattress gaps and noise, you can optimize your experience.

Employ the tips in this article to create a dreamy, quiet sleep environment with your partner. You’ll both enjoy all the benefits of adjustable positions along with the ability to cuddle up close in the middle. As you drift off curled up in each other’s arms, you’ll be so cozy in your synchronized split king bed you’ll forget about the seam down the middle!

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